Developing trusting relationships in our communities

Our community

At StayBeyond, we provide individuals, groups and families with a memorable home away from home experience when they travel. We take the responsibility of looking after guests and the homes they stay in seriously, and when it comes to how we live locally, we have the same values as all homeowners: we love our homes and look after them carefully, and we want trusting relationships with our neighbours.

If you have concerns about a home, our guests, or the way we run things, please give us a call. We’re happy to have a local team member show you around one of our homes and explain how we operate, or please call our neighbour line:

+44 (0) 330 808 7472

Our commitment

We know our guests: We put a lot of love into our homes and we’re extremely careful about the guests we offer them to – after all, they are our responsibility. Before we accept bookings, we review the age and identity of the lead booker, and ask their reason for travelling – we want our guests to spend quality time together and choose people who we trust can do this respectfully.

We make the rules clear: Before they even book, our guests know they will need to be respectful of our neighbours and keep the noise down. We have noise monitors in all our homes, and they do not record conversations but they do send us immediate alerts if noise levels are up. When this happens, our team will call the guests and ensure that they keep it down.

We take out the rubbish: We manage the rubbish for all our homes and know all the schedules off by heart. If bins are full at our homes and the next scheduled collection isn’t for a few days, we will organise a collection service to get rid of the rubbish ASAP.

We have high standards: To invite the best guests, we need the best homes, and so we work hard to keep them in top condition – if you’d like to come and see a home, please just ask.

We are here: Please reach out to us on our neighbour line. If we can’t help over the phone, we will send a member of our team to investigate further.